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How to enable Qemu Guest Agent for Virtual Machines

Linux Based OS Install Qemu Guest Agent CentOS yum install -y qemu-guest-agent Ubuntu apt install -y qemu-guest-agent Debian apt install -y qemu-guest-agent AlmaLinux 8 dnf install -y qemu-guest-agent RockyLinux 8 dnf install -y qemu-guest-agent Then, start and ensure the service is persistent systemctl enable –now qemu-guest-agent Windows OS Download these 2 installers in your Windows … Read more


有关 IP 地理定位的信息 网站通过您的 IP 地址跟踪您的位置,这通常是使用 IP 地理定位数据库完成的。 对于 eBay、Amazon、TikTok 等网站也是如此…… 地理定位数据库通常通过跟踪 IP 地址块的 Whois 或等待 ISP 提交 IP 地址地理定位更正来工作。 Whois 数据可以从 RIR 获得。 由于这样一个繁琐的过程,一些地理定位数据库可能会过时并且无法获取正确的地理定位数据。当 ISP 或服务提供商刚刚获得 IP 地址并且他们刚刚更新了 IP 地址块的 whois 信息时,这种情况总是会发生 给一个例子,当部署了马来西亚服务器,但在检查 IP 地址地理定位网站时,它将 IP 地址显示为来自英国地区的英国 IP 地址,而不是来自马来西亚地区的马来西亚 IP 地址。 在这种情况下,最好咨询不同的地理定位数据库,因为您当前使用的数据库可能已经过时。 要知道你的 IP 地址位置,我们强烈建议你使用 或 因为他们是目前最大的 IP 地址地理定位数据库,他们总是花费巨大的努力来确保他们的地理定位数据是 正确。 如果地理定位数据库显示正确的 IP … Read more

I bought a United States server, why did I get a server from xxx country?

Information regarding IP Geolocation Websites track your location from your IP address, this is usually done using an IP geolocation database. This will be the same for websites such as eBay, Amazon, TikTok, etc… A geolocation database usually works by tracking the Whois of the IP address block or waiting for ISPs to submit an … Read more

How to increase swap memory on a Windows machine

Google Chrome ran out of memory? "Google Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display this web page", or your server ran out of memory while trying to run a task? If upgrading your VM plan is not an option, try increasing the swap space of your server. To increase your Windows server's Swap … Read more

How to downgrade from LiteSpeed Enterprise to OpenLiteSpeed

Accidentally upgraded to LiteSpeed Enterprise or wanted to test some features on LiteSpeed Enterprise but realized that this is not worth the money. Then realized that you can't downgrade from LiteSpeed Enterprise to OpenLiteSpeed without a complete reinstall? No worries. We got you covered. This is how to downgrade from LiteSpeed Enterprise back to OpenLiteSpeed. … Read more

Evoxt Loadbalancer Guide

Downtimes and server overloading are very costly. If your server's resources are getting overloaded due to receiving a lot of traffic and vertical scaling is not what you prefer, a load balancer is what you are searching for. A load balancer is a reverse proxy that can distribute traffics across servers, acting as a single … Read more

Evoxt IP Management Tool Guide

Evoxt's IP Management tool provides you with more control of your servers and easier management of your servers. With the ability to reassign IP, remove IP, add extra floating IP and swap IPv4 addresses between servers. With these IP management tools, you can easily switch between development and live servers, minimize downtime with Evoxt's Floating … Read more

Evoxt Layer 3 Firewall Guide

Layer 3 firewall is included with all servers offered by Evoxt. This will act as a defense line before inbound traffic reaches your servers. Layer 3 firewall performs slightly differently than a host-based firewall (the firewall in your server). Please spend some time understanding them. Enabling the Firewall Go to your VM control panel to … Read more

Prioritize IPv4 over IPv6 on a Windows server

With the new Evoxt implementation, where all new VM deployments will be assigned an IPv6 address, we have received reports from customers due to websites and servers not supporting IPv6 and causing problems. All Windows servers will prefer IPv6 over IPv4 if IPv6 is enabled. Disabling IPv6, which is the new internet protocol, will cause … Read more

How to use Evoxt's VNC

VNC is a remote control program that helps users to control another device over a network. One upside of VNC is that it works across multiple operating systems. With Evoxt's VNC, the VNC server is located on the host node. This means that it can connect to a VM even when the VM's network connectivity … Read more

Disable IPv6 on Windows Server

With the new Evoxt implementation, where all new VM deployments will be assigned an IPv6 address, we have received reports from customers due to websites and servers not supporting IPv6 and causing problems. Here is how to Disable IPv6 on a Windows Server If you are facing issues with IPv6 enabled and want to disable … Read more

Why choose Evoxt?

If you are still hesitating whether to choose Evoxt. This will be the post to convince you to get on Evoxt right now. Here are 20 reasons why Evoxt is better than our competitions: Faster CPU All Evoxt virtual machines come with CPUs that have frequencies that are at least 3.5 GHz and above, and … Read more

OpenVPN One-Click Installation

Set up your very own personal OpenVPN server with Evoxt with only a single click with our One-Click Installation Script. OpenVPN is one of the industry standards for virtual private network protocol. OpenVPN help to encrypt all network traffic, masking the user's IP address and protecting users from untrusted networks. In a business environment, OpenVPN … Read more

Enable automatic updates in Linux

It is almost impossible to log in to your server to check and update it every day. However, failing to keep servers up to date can be a potential threat. There is a better solution to this, automatic updates. Here is how to enable automatic updates in Linux: Ubuntu/ Debian based servers Install unattended-upgrades apt … Read more

Securing a Linux server

Is your Linux server safe from hackers? Can they get hacked? Freak out about getting your server compromised and getting your data leaked? Take a look at some of the tips you can take to secure and protect your Linux server. 1. SSH security SSH is like a path to connect you to your Linux … Read more

Setup SSL/ HTTPS on NGINX on CentOS 8/ AlmaLinux 8/ RockyLinux 8

Installing SSL can usually be a very tedious process. Luckily for us, Certbot has an automated script to easily help us to get SSL/ HTTPS set up with a few command lines. To start, install Certbot sudo dnf install sudo dnf install certbot python3-certbot-nginx Once Certbot is installed, automatically generate an SSL certificate by … Read more

Bitwarden One-Click Installation

Set up your very own personal password manager using Bitwarden (VaultWarden) with Evoxt with only a single click with our One-Click Installation Script for maximum security. Bitwarden is a free and open-source password management service that stores sensitive information such as login credentials, payment information, and notes in an encrypted vault. Bitwarden is the most … Read more

Pritunl One-Click Installation

Set up your very own personal virtual private network using Pritunl with Evoxt with only a single click with our One-Click Installation Script. Pritunl is an open-source Enterprise level VPN server that helps enterprises, businesses, and even individuals to protect and communicate with each other securely. Pritunl provides an easy-to-use and intuitive VPN server with … Read more

Enable audio in Windows Server

If you are not getting any audio on your server, try to connect through Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection. If you require more help on how to use Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection, we have a guide here Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection supports remote audio. If you are still not getting any audio after connecting with Microsoft's … Read more