CyberPanel SSL not working | Self-signed SSL

Getting a self-signed SSL when you are supposed to get a trusted certificate is annoying. The used to be seamless process suddenly got so hard. No further worries, as someone who faced this exact issue, let me teach you how to fix it. CyberPanel will install a self-signed SSL when you fail to generate a … Read more

CyberPanel | Error message: Blacklisted domain.

When I was trying to create a website account with CyberPanel, I got this Error message: Blacklisted domain. Error message: Blacklisted domain. I thought my domain was blacklisted, so I went on a search on the domain blacklist checker to check if the new domain that I just purchased is blacklisted.However, the records are clean, … Read more

How to run Android Emulator on VPS

Due to the nature of virtualization, most Android Emulator does not work on a VPS. If you tried, you know how tough it is to find an Android Emulator that works on a VPS. But don't worry, we will settle this once and for all. Featuring SmartGaga SmartGaga has been tested on Evoxt VPS and … Read more

How to make automatic payments on Evoxt

Evoxt uses account credits to perform automatic payments. To enable automatic payments, head to Evoxt dashboard and switch on automatic renewal When Automatic renewal is turned on, Evoxt's billing system will automatically charge your Evoxt account credits when your services are near the due date. Please take note that for this to function, you will … Read more

How To Connect To A Windows VPS

This is a guide on how to connect to your Evoxt’s VPS. After purchasing a VPS from Evoxt, you will receive an email about your VPS information within 24 hours. The email will contain IP, Username, and Password. To connect with the given credentials, you can go to the Windows search bar > remote desktop … Read more

How To Change Windows VPS Password

This is how to change Windows VPS password. To change your VPS password on Evoxt, 1) Connect to your VPS, ctrl+alt+end. Click on "Change a password". 2) Change password

How to increase Windows VPS size after VPS plan upgrade

Upgraded to a higher plan yet the disk space did not increase? This is how to increase your Windows VPS storage after VPS plan upgrade 1) Connect to your VPS, go to Disk Management Alternatively, you can go to disk management by going to Run> diskmgmt.msc Run diskmgmt.msc 2) Click on your primary drive, in … Read more

How to point a Domain to your VM

This is a guide on how to point a domain to your VM to serve content with your VM as the host. You require a DNS server to be set up for you. Usually, most domain provider has that already set up, and you can start pointing. But for this guide, we will be using … Read more

How to connect to a Linux VPS / Linux VM

Introduction Secure Shell (SSH) is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol to securely connect and access a remote computer. Typical applications include remote command-line, login, and remote command execution. SSH commands are secure as both ends of the client/ server connection are connected using a cryptographic network that operates securely over an unsecured network. Retriving … Read more