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Why choose Evoxt?

If you are still hesitating whether to choose Evoxt. This will be the post to convince you to get on Evoxt right now.

Here are 20 reasons why Evoxt is better than our competitions:

Faster CPU

All Evoxt virtual machines come with CPUs that have frequencies that are at least 3.5 GHz and above, and Evoxt will continue raising this standard in the future as hardware gets more advanced.

Most providers hide the fact that they use a low CPU clock speed and charge you based on the number of cores, as that is the more obvious marketing strategy and cost-saving tactic.

In virtual machines, where every core matters, getting a higher clock speed is more beneficial.

Evoxt offers CPU cores with a higher clock speed, but we match the prices of providers that offer a lower clock speed. This is the more costly road ahead for Evoxt, but we believe in the long term and believe that is the best way to win our customer's hearts.

You will get the best bang out for your bucks with Evoxt.

Windows Task Manager - Evoxt

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Data Safety

Your data is safe with Evoxt.

All Evoxt's servers include free weekly backup. We believe backups are necessary hence we do not charge for weekly backups.

Evoxt's backup management panel is also very intuitive and easy to use. You can easily view your current backups and restore them during an emergency.

Evoxt Backup management panel

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One-click Applications

Want to try out several apps but are too lazy to manually install or don't know how to?

Evoxt offers One-click applications that you can deploy with a single click.

Best of all, it is free!

Applications - Evoxt

Here is a list of applications you can deploy with our One-click installation :


Evoxt offers layer 3 firewalls that you can easily manage in your virtual machine control panel.

This is not a mere firewall that other provider offers. With a layer 3 firewall, you can block packets before it even reaches your server.

This can save you a lot of resources, especially when you are under a heavy DDoS attack.

Firewall Layer 3 - Evoxt

To read more about Evoxt's firewall features, click here :

Quick deployments

In need of a server on short notice?

It usually takes less than 2.5 minutes for Evoxt to get a server deployed.

The server will be up and running before you can even finish your coffee.


All our servers will be virtualized using KVM technology to ensure that the resources and data will be isolated for maximum security. There is no way another server can access and tamper with your server unless you authorize the access.

Click here to learn more about KVM :

Enterprise grade hardware

Our servers come with enterprise-grade SSD that has high performance and reliability.

Want your website to load faster? Your database query is starting to take time?

Try hosting your website in Evoxt and feel the difference.

Clean IP ranges

We take extra measures to ensure that all our IPs will be clean.

By default, port 25 is blocked, so spammers usually stay out from Evoxt.

Our abuse team are also actively monitoring all reports that we receive and actively taking actions against bad users in this space that ruins our reputation with Evoxt's IP address.

With all the measures in place, you can be assured to receive a clean IP that is not blocked and reachable to and from most networks when you deploy a server with Evoxt.

Future ready

Deploying your infrastructure with Evoxt means you are going future proof.

Evoxt is a rapidly growing and expanding company. We are actively implementing and developing new technologies.

With Evoxt, you will never stay behind on technologies. Things will get easier and easier for you as more technology is implemented.

We Listen from you

Believe it or not, we highly value your feedback.

We are always collecting your feedback from multiple places on our platform.

We are actively trying to accommodate your feedback and complaints to make Evoxt your perfect hosting partner.

Please do not hesitate to let us know when you are unhappy with our services. We will definitely change your 7 letter word "Unhappy" into 5 letter word "Happy"!

All issues with Evoxt will get solved and there will be no unhappy customers with Evoxt.

If you have any feedback/ complaints, please send an email to [email protected]


We understand the criticality of your requirements because we are in the same position.

Downtime with Evoxt is not tolerated and we will do our best to ensure your server gets 100% uptime at all times.

We are very transparent with our server's uptime, which can be viewed on

Evoxt always attempts to achieve 100% uptime with our servers.

evoxt status page


We value your privacy and we do not collect more than we require.

Evoxt is a privacy-focused company because we believe every human needs privacy and should value privacy.

To create an account on Evoxt. We only require a name, your email and your password. We do not collect your address and credit card info to sign you up on Evoxt.

Evoxt is very Cryptocurrency friendly, and we do not require any pieces of information from you when you pay with Cryptocurrency on Evoxt.

Evoxt also promises not to hand out any of your information unless the law requires us to.

Choose Evoxt to protect your privacy without losing any convenience.


VNC access is implemented on all Evoxt servers. This will allow you to communicate with your servers through our host machines even if you bring your server's network down or when you disable SSH / RDP access on your servers.

You can still control your server just like how you control your PC when you are physically there.

VNC - Evoxt

Customer support

How can we not mention this. Our customer support is top-notch, and we always receive compliments from our customers.

Evoxt offers regular email and ticket support just like other providers.

However, what sets us apart is that we understand ticketing and emailing can be troublesome. Hence we have a Discord contact and Telegram contact that customers can seek help there, quick and easily. As we believe that most of our customers are already using Discord and Telegram.

Customer satisfaction

We care a lot about customer satisfaction. We even have a money-back guarantee with our services. If the services you receive are not to your liking, file a refund request within 7 days, and we will get that processed for you.


Evoxt's pricing is transparent, you pay what you get on Evoxt, no extras.

Take a look at our pricing page.

There will be no hidden fees, no network fees, no CPU burst fees, no IO burst fees /etc.


We understand that even the biggest corporations out there were once small companies.

If your project currently does not require high performance, you can start with the smallest plan and scale up when needed in a few clicks. This can be done without requiring recreation of servers and transfer of data.

IP address management

With Evoxt, you are not limited to just a single IP address on your server.

We allow up to 5 extra IP addresses on each server and we also provide an easy to use and intuitive interface to manage your IP addresses.

IP Address Management - Evoxt


Evoxt also offers powerful and comprehensive APIs to manage your servers.

With our APIs, you can even automate your actions on Evoxt without even needing to login into Evoxt.

Our API is so comprehensive that we have multiple resellers that set up a reseller website with our API.

Take a look at our API documentation here:

API Documentation - Evoxt

We are passionate!

Hosting with a passionate host with a strong interest is very crucial. You wouldn't want to host or store your data with someone who is just in it for the money.

You will never know when they want to sell or liquidate their company just for the money due to the lack of interest.

When the company is sold, who knows what will be done to the company that got acquired.

Will your data be sold? How about the service? What if the company is disassembled? This will never happen with Evoxt.

We will end this here. There are so much more reasons to choose Evoxt that are not listed here. Step into Evoxt and discover them yourself. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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