Terms of Service

Our servers cannot be used for anything that are deemed illegal by the law.
This includes:
• Carrying DDOS/ brute force attacks
• Running/ hosting any botnet related commands and control servers
• IP spoofing
• Port scanning (Zmap included)
• Sending unsolicited emails or malware distribution ( Email abuse, spam included )
• Hosting phishing websites
Contact us if you have any questions/ or queries about the content that you wish to host with Evoxt.

The above lists are not strictly limited to the listed items and are subject to change anytime in the future and without notice at the sole discretion of Evoxt.
If any of your services are found to be breaking the above terms, they will be terminated.

By using our services, you agree to these terms of service.

Email Policy
Evoxt reserve the right to deny mail delivery from any servers hosted on our network. We will constantly locate abusive servers. If we receive any abuse reports from an external network we will identify the server and create a notice to the user. If no response is received within 24 hours, we will filter or disable ports to avoid further damage. If no response is received after 7 days, we will suspend/terminate the server and no refunds will be provided.
If an IP address/ IP range has been blacklisted as a result of excessive reports, Evoxt reserves the right to issue a fine of $300 and immediately terminate the service.

DMCA complaints
Evoxt handle DMCA complaints very seriously and will thoroughly investigate each complaint received.
When a complaint is received:
• Your server will be suspended
• A ticket will be opened, you have to respond and resolve within 24 hours
• If no resolution is reached after 72 hours, your server will be terminated, no refunds will be provided.

Invoice will be issued 7 days before the due date of recurring service. Servers are overdue for more than 24 hours will be deleted.

Evoxt handle chargeback very seriously. In cases where chargeback occurs, the related account and services will be terminated right away without notice.

To file for an account restoration, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Chargeback account restoration”.

Penalty may be imposed depending on the situation.

Payment verification
Evoxt can request for identification documents such as ID, utility bill as well as front and back copy of the credit card that are used for payment when clients are deemed suspicious.

Refund Policy
Evoxt offers a 7 days money back guarantee if our services are found to be at fault, this could be because of the following reasons:
• Network/ Power outage for more than 24 hours
• Hardware issues

Data loss and Protection
Evoxt will not be held responsible for backing up and integrity of customers data.
In cases where data loss occurs, you will be held responsible for your own data.