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Industry Leading Single Core Performance

Take a look at how our CPU compare to others.

6.0 GHz

2.4 GHz

2.3 GHz

2.3 GHz

2.2 GHz

The data are collected from 2020. This might differ in the future.

High performance, low price

Industry leading performance bundled with low prices.

VM-1 Plan CPU Benchmark

**These benchmark scores are for reference only and may differ slightly depending on the system and configurations.

VM-1 Plan Memory Benchmark

**These benchmark scores are for reference only and may differ slightly depending on the system and configurations.

VM-1 Plan Disk Benchmark

**These benchmark scores are for reference only and may differ slightly depending on the system and configurations.

Virtual Machine Management

Save time managing your virtual machines with Evoxt. Spend time on the right thing.


Collect and monitor information, status and performance of your virtual machines with Evoxt's virtual machine control panel.

IP Address Management

Easily swap and reassign IP addresses between servers.
Migrate your production servers and manage your failover clusters with ease.
Order additional Floating IP Addresses to cater for your growing business.

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Easily secure your virtual machine with Evoxt's firewall system.
Set firewall rules without even needing to connect to your virtual machine.

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Easily clone your virtual machines without having to re-setup and reconfigure every time.

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Sub Accounts

Require access to be given for each Administrator, Technical Team, Billing Team, Support Team? We've got that covered for you.


All virtual machines with Evoxt come with automatic weekly offsite backup. At zero cost.
Stay protected even during the most catastrophic situation.

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Control your virtual machines at anytime anywhere with your browser, securely.


Control, edit, configure your virtual machines without even needing to log in to Evoxt.

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Easy to use intuitive interfaces

Save even more time with intuitive and easy-to-use interface, no more fiddling around.


Server Deployment

VM Control Panel


Multiple Layers of enterprise-level security.
Your server is protected with us.


Isolated virtual machine environment prevents unauthorized access to your server.

Your data will remain in your own secure, isolated environment and nowhere else.


Enterprise-level layer 3 security firewall that you can easily tweak and set up with a few clicks.

Better DDoS protection with layer 3 firewall.


Automatic backups of your server's data will be taken to secure your server further.

All our servers include free weekly backups that you can easily restore in a few clicks.

Available Globally

High CPU Frequency Virtual Machines from 9 different regions across the world.

Los Angeles
United States

Connected to most Tier 1 ISPs available, optimized routing to Asia with a direct link to China Unicom and many APAC ISPs.

New York
United States

Connected to NYIX and most Tier 1 ISPs available.

United Kingdom

Connected to LINX, and multiple Tier 1 ISPs, providing low latency to the United Kingdom and Europe.


Connected to DE-CIX and multiple Tier 1 providers, providing low latency to European countries.

+ +
Kuala Lumpur

Connected to MyIX, peered with local ISPs, Google, Cloudflare providing low latency throughout entire Malaysia.

Hong Kong

Connected to HKIX and with direct link to China network, providing low latency to Asia and China customers.


Connected to BBIX and JPIX. Primary transit through Softbank, one of the leading ISP in Japan.


Connected to multiple tier 1 ISPs and BBIX, providing low latency to Asia countries.

Additional Features

Extra features that you will love.

99.99% Uptime

Our servers are guaranteed to have at least 99.99% uptime.

Weekly Automatic Offsite Backup

Your virtual machine are backed up automatically every week to protect against disastrous situation.


Deploy the smallest virtual machine and easily scale in a few clicks when needed.


We value your privacy. We will protect your privacy as much as we can. We usually don't require any other details except your name which is used to identify you.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

We use enterprise grade hardware for increased performance and reliability.


We use KVM hypervisors so you get the best performance and security.

Speedy Deployment

Ready to connect and use within 2.5 minutes.

Transparent Pricing

If you order a $2.99 plan. You will pay $2.99. We don't charge any extra bandwidth fees or any CPU burst fees

Cryptocurrency Friendly

What's the point of being privacy focused when if don't accept Cryptocurrencies? Evoxt accept major Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoin and Ethereum

IPv6 Ready

Future proof, all VMs have an IPv6 address included

Private IP Address

Build your infrastructure on Evoxt. Communicate between VMs without any extra bandwidth charges

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