About Us

About us

Our Mission

We believe everyone will have their own website and we want to be part of that. We will be providing cost-effective and high-quality cloud VM to everyone and make everyone's life easier. We are also frustrated at other companies that have a lot of hidden costs to trick their users and surprising their customers at every end of the month because of the bill. We want to fix that by offering cloud virtual machines with clean-cut pricing.


The founder/ director of Evoxt has a lot of interest in virtual machines and has been playing and working on them since 2015. In 2017, he was hired by a team that needed some virtual machines set up. At first, it is about deploying and managing virtual machines. A few years later, he decided to make this a business and founded Evoxt. On 20th Jan of 2020, the domain, is registered hence started the cloud virtual machine company, which becomes Evoxt today.


As of Q3 of 2021, Evoxt has over 3650+ virtual machines deployed and has served over 1278 customers. We have customers using our virtual machines, from hosting a simple script to serving a huge website.
Evoxt currently has servers in the United States and the United Kingdom and owns ASN 212083.


We are looking to provide more solutions, build our network, expand and become more user friendly.

Why us?

  • We are enthusiastic regarding this business. We seek long term growth and love building great relationships with our customers.
  • Our servers are guaranteed to have 99.99% uptime which can be monitored on
  • All virtual machines hosted on Evoxt will be backup weekly to our offsite backup server. So even when disaster happens, you are protected.
  • We focus on quality, our server can be slightly higher priced, but we can ensure that we don’t oversell our resources and they are optimized for your usage.
  • We care about your privacy

Why wait? Give us a try now! We will make sure you won't regret your decision.