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How to make automatic payments on Evoxt

Evoxt uses account credits to perform automatic payments.
To enable automatic payments, head to Evoxt dashboard and switch on automatic renewal

When Automatic renewal is turned on, Evoxt's billing system will automatically charge your Evoxt account credits when your services are near the due date.

Please take note that for this to function, you will need to have enough Evoxt account credits to renew your services automatically.

Top Up Account Credits
To top up your Evoxt account credits, go to Top Up to top up your Evoxt account credits.

Automatic Top Up
Evoxt currently supports 2 automatic top-up payment methods, both have a slightly different top-up mechanism.

If credit card automatic top-up is enabled, our system will attempt to charge your credit card when the balance is lower than the set threshold.

While for PayPal automatic top-up, the system will automatically charge your Paypal account depending on the amount and the billing frequency you choose.

Credit Card Automatic Top-up

To enable credit card automatic top-up, link your credit card on the manage credit cards page.

Click edit to change the automatic top-up amount and card to charge.

Once done, click save, and don't forget to turn on Automatic top-up.

PayPal Automatic Top-up

To enable PayPal automatic top-up, proceed to Evoxt's Top Up page.

Click edit to link your PayPal account and create a subscription.

Choose a top-up amount from $5 to $500 and choose a top-up frequency from a month to a year, then click the Subscribe button to create a PayPal subscription.

You will be redirected to with an agreement. Accept the agreement to proceed with the PayPal subscription. The subscription will start charging on the first day of the next month.

With this setup, your services will automatically renew without even needing you to log in to your Evoxt account.

Spend less time on billing; Spend your time on the right thing!

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